The Cold Can

The ColdCan™ is The World's Finest
Beverage Insulating & Containment System


The ColdCan™ is the world's finest beverage insulating and containment system. Made for those who love both cold drinks and the good life, the ColdCan™ features a stylish design, minimal lines and Cryogel - the most advanced thermal insulating technology known to man.

More About The ColdCan™


The ColdCan™ is the koozie killer, a modern drinking innovation for people who prefer longer lasting cold drinks and stylish design. Unlike the koozie, the ColdCan™ actually keeps your drink colder for up to 10 times longer than foam or plastic drink holders. In addition to longer lasting cold drinks, the ColdCan™ brings an old school invention into the modern age with a sleek look.