The Cold Can

The ColdCan™ is The World's Finest
Beverage Insulating & Containment System

Our Founder's Page

On July 18, 2015 we were honored and overwhelmed with the news that our Kickstarter campaign funded successfully. This page of our website is dedicated to those people who helped us bring the first production run of ColdCan products to fruition. Without them, and many others, we could not have brought ColdCan to the world.

The ColdCan is is the first modular beverage insulator. The ColdCan is made from the finest plastics along with highly proprietary insulation technology used by N.A.S.A. for astronaut suits. This is high tech, versatile and great at keeping your beverages cold.

We are proud to have the coolest people in the world helping us make the ColdCan a reality. Thank you!