Kickstarter Launch is Near! One Small Step for ColdCan, One Large Step for Can-Kind

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It almost feels unreal. 

Here we are, knocking on the figurative eve of the launch of our Kickstarter campaign and I'm so amazed by all that's been done in the last six months. Putting together everything for this campaign for you guys has almost felt like a bigger project than designing the ColdCan itself. I think that's because we did it in about a quarter of the time, but didn't concede a single thing and obsessed about all the details of the Kickstarter - with the same intensity we put into designing the Coldcan. 

We put our hearts, soul, and literally our blood, sweat, and tears into it. Designing ColdCan and developing a presentation for it has been a challenging and humble experience. However, like my grandfather always used to say, nothing worth doing is ever easy. He was right. 

We've developed a world class product, and we're ready to bring it to you. And, I couldn't be more excited right now! Justin and I are extremely happy to be moving into the last stage of development with you - the part where we get to put a ColdCan in your hand, with a little bit of your help. 

As for tonight, I think I will celebrate with something to help me get ready for summertime - My very own ColdCan and a nice, cold Karbach Weisse Wersa (a delicious, local wheat ale). 

Talk to you soon!

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