Planning the Kickstarter Video. Donuts, Drawings, and ColdCans.

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Another round of discussions about our Kickstarter video with Robert, our resident video expert. On the agenda - locations, style, shooting requirements and the ColdCan™ technology.


  • How could we communicate the lifestyle elements of a ColdCan™ owner?
  • How much should we cover with just me and TJ talking on screen?
  • How many locations can we fit into a 16 hour shooting day?
  • What shots would be needed for the manufacturing parts of the script?
  • How do we create understanding and connection especially with our Kickstarter audience?

Laughably, our first draft of the script was more than 10 minutes long and covered everything from the moment TJ was inspired, through concept, into our work together and through all our marketing, manufacturing and fulfillment plans. Needless to say, we knew that wasn't going to work. And for the rest, Robert helped focus on what we could accomplish with video rather than actually talking through it - providing more areas to cut the script down.

While covering logistics, we got into an interesting discussion about performance and how long the ColdCan™ keeps drinks cold. Over the last year, TJ has run many performance tests including timed thermal tests with free-standing drinks, drinks in the ColdCan™ and a variety of other situations. But, does that really matter to show? We fleshed out a time lapse video concept to illustrate the point, but we aren't convinced you guys need to see that. What do you think?

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