Throw Away Your Work Or Else.

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The discard pile has turned into a discard box. The 3d printer we're using for prototyping is jamming and we've got a lot of waste from the way the 3d printer wants to print things. And I couldn't be happier.

Progress and innovation comes at the cost of trial and error. And the prototypes that have come out right give us so much to work with. To touch it, feel it, and use it - is phenomenal. There really is nothing like the ColdCan™ anywhere.

And while I have all these pieces of plastic, the throw-aways, the bad runs, the losers... I'm happy to see it because it shows challenges being addressed and overcome.

So what's the point of this post? It's simple. Throw away the bad, keep the good and don't stop trying. It's ok to have a discard pile (or box), but don't have a give-up day. If you can't throw away your work, the bad work, you cant move on to the good work - the work that matters.

Stay tuned for how things shape up!

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