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People keep asking how they can help with the ColdCan and our re-launch of the Kickstarter campaign. Great question! Here’s 11 ways to help!

1. Pledge your support on Kickstarter – Do it. Now!
But essential! All support helps both raise funds and the more backers we have, the more potential we have to be spotlighted on Kickstarter and get more visibility! Support us on Kickstarter!

2. Like us on Facebook!
This is easy and helps us connect with you and keep you updated! Like us here.

3. Share the ColdCan Kickstarter link on Facebook and ask your friends to support us!
Here is the link, just copy and paste into Facebook!

4. Email your friend, best friend, spouse, and favorite drinking buddy about us.
We know you have a few people in your inner circle you think the ColdCan would be worth sharing, so email ‘em and tell them about us!

5. Email your co-workers.
You could brighten anyone’s inbox with a heads up email about the ColdCan! By the way, the ColdCan is great for keeping your drink cold while your in the office!

6. Write about us.
Seriously, if you’re a blogger or journalist, then write about us. CNET did last year. The exposure helps a lot. We have a media kit, a fact sheet, and some points you might need for writing here.

7. Tell your journalist / blogger friend to write about us. Journalist and bloggers are always busy. Tip ‘em off with a great story about this cool upstart in Texas called the ColdCan. They’ll love you for it. And so will we!

8. Connect us to a distributor / retailer.
Friends with someone that could sell the ColdCan? Email us ( right now and connect us up. We’re actively seeking distributors and retailers.

9. Talk to us about your large wholesale order.
We’ve had several companies inquire about large orders for Christmas, employee gifts, and so on. Yes, we can discuss your large order details and timing. Just reach out and ask. (

10. Invest in the ColdCan.
Beyond the Kickstarter, we’re actively building the business. If you’re interested in investing in an awesome product and company, we’ve got a little room left for early stage investment. If you’re a good fit, we’d love to have you as an investor. Reach out and we can talk about it! (

11. Pray for success!
We believe all prayers are heard and we’d love your prayer support! And by all means, hit us up on Facebook or email and cheer us on! It all helps!

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