27 Kickstarter Initiatives We're Talking About.

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Here at ColdCan™, even though we are still in development and prototyping phases, we've been looking at Kickstarter as an important part of our product launch. We've been seriously trying to understand what seems to work and not work for a successful Kickstarter campaigns. Sometimes its obvious and other times, it's not clear how some succeed and others don't.

The following is a roundup of Kickstarter campaigns we curated and made internal notes on. Sometimes are notes are about things like video technique, script, and shooting style. Other times its about emotion, connection, and the "feeling" the video creates. And, we're totally seeing how some of these just create a "wow" moment where you just nod your head and smile at the seriously talented people doing awesome things in the world.

Check out these cool Kickstarter vids.

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